In India though many of the companies are concentrating Civil Engineering Contracting, the demand to productivity has a radio of 100.15 in this modern age. New entrepreneurs can bridge this wide gap, as the large sized companies are mainly concentrating in urban infrastructure sector through the PSUS.

Introducing Sphinx foundations, founded in 1991, with zeal to bridge the divide and a talent to render the industry with quality professionals has grown to a medium sized contracting company today. Sphinx foundation has specialized and focused its energies in the areas of Civil Engineering Contracting and Architecture in various commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Sphinx foundations has completed 0.2 million square feet of area in the span 13+years, an example of its commitment and dedication to achieve larger dreams.

The future beckons Sphinx foundations plan to foray into the areas of Interior Decoration and Real Estate Sector and complete 0.50 million square feet of construction by the end of 2010. The company is confident of achieving the goal with quality control and good project management as its foundation to serve the client and the industry.

Experience quality with Sphinx foundations.